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The start of something wonderful

As a mom of 2 little ones under 3 going back to my full time job just wasn't practical with the long hours, currently breastfeeding, the price of daycare and just the fact that I would be missing out on my babies growing up quickly. You can not get these precious little moments back. So, I figured I will figure something out eventually and then this idea came in my head. I thought about it long and hard but also thought no I'm not capable of doing something like that it will never work. But here I am a month and half later about to launch my online boutique & blog. I am filled with joy and so excited to bring my vision to life, I am also filled with doubts and fear of failure. I know this journey will be difficult but if I can just make one persons life better by these blog posts and give joy and happiness with my products then I feel like I've done my job. I'm here to share my love for fashion, to talk about the realities of motherhood, breastfeeding, terrible twos, traveling, coffee, makeup, skincare and so much more. Join me along my journey and watch me grow a business. The first collection of clothing is very limited stock and sizes. As we get sales we will add more products, higher stocks and more sizing options. Don't forget to follow us on instagram and stop by the shop to see all the clothes, shoes and accessories.

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