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The 7 Superfoods of Breastfeeding

Hello everyone, I am a mom of 2 and have had 2 different experiences with breastfeeding. I do not consider myself an expert on breastfeeding but can only share what I have learned during this process to help others. we will start with these 7 superfoods that I think have really helped and actually saved my breast feeding journey. What are they? well I will share them after I let you know a little background about my breast feeding journeys. Lets go back to 2020, why? because this was the year I had my daughter. As a new mom I honestly had no idea what I was doing. We won't go into a whole lot of details, so we will start from bringing her home and lets just say I was not very prepared and really did not do research on breastfeeding pre birth, I thought it would be simple... well oh boy was I wrong. We will save the details for another blog post, for now lets focus on these superfoods I am going to share. If I would have known about these with my first child in 2020 I would have had a much better expeirence than I had. I was only able to breast feed her for 3 months and that was with more formula supplementing than actual breast milk. Now lets fastforward to now, I am 5 months postpartum with baby boy have been exclusively breastfeeding since he has been born. First reason why is I was alot more prepared with him, I did more research and I ordered a hospital grade pump months before his birth. I brought the pump to the hospital and I even pumped there to save some milk for the freezer stash. The freezer stash will be another blog in the future but lets share these 7 super foods now. This is only from my expeirence and some may not help you like they did me. So here is the 2nd and most important thing that has kept me going these past 5 months, the list of 7 breastfeeding super foods.

  1. Chicken - need lots of protein in your diet

  2. Oatmeal

  3. Greens - Salads, green veggies

  4. Eggs

  5. Avocado

  6. Potatoes & Sweet Potatoes

  7. Salmon

These foods have helped my supply so much with the addition of staying hydrated and drinking lots of water, body armor drinks and eating watermelon. I am so glad I have been able to make it this far and can not wait to see how many more moths I can continue. I think with these super foods and sticking to a well balanced diet I could go as long as I wanted, they have really saved my supply. I hope this helps other breast feeding mommas! tips to follow Stay hydrated, eat a well balanced meal, get sleep, and do not stress! happy pumping mommas out there and while you are here, check out our shop! We have some outfits for woman, accessories, and adorable onesies and T-shirts for your little ones!

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