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Pump with me talks episode 3

The past several weeks I have been struggling with supply, which has been extremely frustrating and emotional for a breastfeeding mom. Rewind back to the first month postpartum, I was an oversupplier and created gallons of milk within that first month to store in the freezer. I got so burnt out with that I wanted to change this oversupply, so what did I do? Stopped pumping regularly. Big mistake! Breastfeeding is supply and demand, our body works by how much we pump or feed our baby and regulates how much milk we produce based on this. I got lazy, I was tired and I just couldn't keep up with my regular schedule, now here I am at 4months and struggling to barely make 2 or 3 oz on both sides. Why am I writing this? Because I want other mommas to be aware of this and not get in the same situation as me unless you are ready to switch to formula. Me currently I am not ready to switch him to formula, this is my last baby and I've enjoyed this breastfeeding journey and would hate for it to end right here right now. So what am I going to do to save my supply?

  1. HYDRATION! Lots and lots of it! Water, body armor drinks, coconut water

  2. NUTRITION! Healthy balanced meals, lots of protein, lots of carbs!

  3. REST! Your body needs a lot of rest because you are working hard to provide for your baby, so momma, take a seat and put your feet up, if your baby is sleeping, take a nap with them, rest and restore your hard working body.

  4. BEER! Yup I said it, believe it or not beer is great for milk production, get you a nice dark beer my preference is "gotta get up to get down" it's a delicious milk stout. So have 1 beer wait a couple hours and pump or feed your baby.

Also, let's talk supplements. Just because it says it will help supply, doesn't mean it's going to help. Our bodies are all different and honestly thinking some of those breast feeding "milk boosters" actually is what is the real killer of my supply. I started taking some when I noticed a dip and it never got better it actually got worse, so currently and I'm off them and trying to flush out my system with lots of water and see if we see a difference. So please if you notice your supply dropping after taking a breast milk booster supplement, STOP taking it! Let your body flush it out and know that product doesn't work for you.

Thank you for reading, good luck on your breast feeding journey currently or if you are an up and coming breast feeding momma! Remember hydration is most important, supply and demand, rest, nutrition, and brewers yeast!

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