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Pump with me talks episode 2

Tonight I decided to do a late night pump while I finished up some inventory and work on the website launch. I used the willow go tonight and it stops automatically after about 30 minutes, I was going to do a power pump and let it sit for 5 or 10 more minutes and start again when I noticed it leaking a little because of how full it was. It's been awhile since I have had a pump like this and honestly it made me so happy because I was starting to think we were coming to an end of our breastfeeding journey. As a mom of 2 little ones under 3 I have been extremely exhausted taking care of these 2 and trying to do everything else, which honestly doesn't get done how I want it to get done. I have been so bad about keeping a regular pumping schedule so my supply has dropped some which I was ok with because I had such a crazy oversupply. But it got to a point where I would pump and get 2 oz each time or 3 sometimes 4 at most. So I was thinking should I completely stop and do formula for my sanity because this is so exhausting or do I keep pushing through? I decided to keep pushing through it. In my head I kept thinking if I quit now what if he doesn't like formula? Also, Formula is so expensive now so keep on going. Breastfeeding is just so mentally and physically exhausting but I know on down the road from now I will be glad I kept on doing it. James is my last baby so I know I will miss all this one day. I know I need to get back to pumping more often even with him nursing, I still get overly engorged. I have also noticed him pulling away more when nursing and I'm thinking that is because my flow is so fast and needs to have some relief from the engorgement during his feedings. I will be 4 months in later this week and I've learned so much about breastfeeding and still learning day to day. My goal is to continue 2 more months and at 6 months we will see how our journey goes and maybe push it to 9 or 12. I am so glad I get to experience this with my last baby, my first wouldn't latch and our journey ended quickly.

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